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Call for Submissions - March Kukai

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  • Call for Submissions - March Kukai


    The topic for the March 2020 kukai is given below.

    Poets may submit ONE poem that displays a disjunctive element, as is usually present in haiku, via email for entry in the March 2020 Kukai. Besides haiku, visual ku, asemic, atomistic and contrapuntal poems, haiga, photoku, tanka, gembun, and haibun (up to 500 words for haibun) will be accepted for entry in the March kukai. Sequences and linked forms will not be accepted for inclusion in the kukai.

    If your poem has irregular formatting please include an image showing how you wish it to appear amd we will do our best to present it that way. All images (including haiga, photoku, visual ku) should be in JPG or PNG format with the wider dimension not exceeding 1024 px.

    No revisions will be considered after receipt of your submission has been acknowledged via email.

    Poems that have been previously displayed in any form (in print or digitally), on personal web sites or blogs, social media platforms, public video and/or photo sites, public forums, are not eligible for kukai participation. Any work that can be found via a web search will be excluded. Poems submitted must be the original work of the submitting poet. In the interests of fair play, we also request that you do not submit any poems that have been workshopped in any manner or seen by any other person who may be entering the kukai.

    Eligibility to submit a poem to the monthly kukai is open to everyone except the kukai organiser for the month. The organiser will collect the submitted entries, ensure submissions meet kukai criteria, assemble them for all participants to vote on, and keep the identity of authors anonymous until the voting is completed.

    The deadline for submissions will be noon Pacific Standard Time on Saturday the 14th of March.

    YOUR KUKAI ENTRIES MUST REMAIN ANONYMOUS until the results are posted.
    • Submission deadline -- Noon, PST, Saturday, March 14th.
    • Voting deadline -- Noon, PST, Saturday, March 21st.
    • Results will be posted by Saturday, March 28th.
    Poems must be submitted via email to (with Kukai for the subject line.)


    Privilege represents a special, unearned advantage or entitlement, used and clung to for one's own benefit to the detriment of the holistic well-being of others. The perceived advantage may be based on economic wealth and earning capacity, social class, age, education, mental or physical health, ethnic or racial category, gender, and religion. It is emblematic of profound inter-human injustice.

    Participants are encouraged to ponder the topic and see where the creative spirit of their imagination takes them in embodying the topic as perceived in this world.

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    Wordpress got it right...this is a sticky topic


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      Originally posted by Philip Whitley View Post
      Wordpress got it right...this is a sticky topic
      vBulletin does that to you.