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Haiku Gallery Guidelines: Ku

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  • Haiku Gallery Guidelines: Ku

    ⁂ This section is for sharing haiku, senryu, hokku etc. There are two predominant ways we recommend doing this:

    1. We have a daily haiku thread, post no more than 5 haiku per day in a single post in this thread. Some conversation is acceptable in comments but commentary is meant to be kept to a minimum. Praise for particularly well crafted poems is encouraged. Our moderators will choose exemplary haiku from this thread for inclusion in a yearly printed anthology of haiku sanctuary member poetry. If you would like to opt out of this pool simply write "opt out" at the end of your post. We will make notifications of selection prior to printing the anthology.

    2. You are welcome to start a topic that is dedicated to showcasing your own work, "username's personal haiku thread," or something similar. Post up to ten ku a day in a single post. Rather than making hundreds of such posts, you should continue the entries for subsequent days with replies containing additional work. This will give you a convenient diary/log of your work throughout the year.

    ⁂ We suggest published work and or polished work for this section. Show your best! In turn, commentary should respect that poets posting in this section are comfortable with their final version; this is not the place for heavy criticism or work-shopping.

    ⁂ We allow our authors to decide the label for what they present as haiku. We are less concerned with labels and more with the quality of the poetry. If you are not sure if your poetry qualifies as a haiku, please spend some time with our tutorials and FAQs Beside the Old Pond.
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