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Three Haiku

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  • Three Haiku

    snowy weather ---
    wind pulling
    my bones

    different nations
    different languages...
    one haiku voice

    winter midnight
    through the curtain folds
    milky light

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    I really like the idea of the first one -- it does often feel that way, when one is out in cold, snowy weather, with frigid wind cutting through everything.

    Second one -- I like the thought in this, that although haiku writers are of many nations and may have differing backgrounds, we all write in the 'haiku voice'.

    Third one -- Lovely images in this. When I first read it, I wondered if 'mid' in 'midnight' is necessary, but perhaps it's the angle of the light at that time causing the milkiness.



    • M.S.Chintak
      M.S.Chintak commented
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      Thank you very much, Theresa ! for putting your inspiring comment .I really enjoyed reading your wonderful interpretations of all of my three haiku.
      Yes you are right, the curtain haiku I had written in the midnight before going to bed .🙂

    • Reka Nyitrai
      Reka Nyitrai commented
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      I agree with Theresa, all three have their own beauty. I like them as they are, I would not reword, rewrite them. Nice work!

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    Thank you so very much, Reka ! for your inspiring words. 🙏