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Bones - a journal for contemporary haiku

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  • Bones - a journal for contemporary haiku

    What is being looked for:
    • Contemporary haiku written from, within, for the 21st century and based in/sprung from the haijin's cultural, linguistic and historic reality.
    • Haiku that takes the language seriously enough to be willing to blow it apart from the inside in order to show/discover/reveal new meanings and echoes.
    • Haiku that stands on the firm ground of tradition but has internalized it and is now written for today and the future.
    • Exploitative haiku. Connective haiku. In the West haiku can be fruitfully pollinated by what is called fragmentary poetry/short poetry/micro poetry.
    • We are constantly asking the question: what is haiku in the 21st century and what can it become if it's not to fall in with the carpet and be a neat little thing you do with your left hand and read on get-well-cards? ... if it's not to repeat the already repeated stuff.
    • Single haiku & serial haiku.
    • Haiku that dares claim its own language, imagery, space and now.
    • Experiments of every kind.
    • Surreal haiku.
    • Fantastic haiku.
    • Conceptual haiku in both form and content.