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Bones 18 is now available

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  • Bones 18 is now available

    This volume packed with 159 pages of not-to-be-missed poetry may be obtained from

    In preparation for Bones 19, editor Johannes S. H. Bjerg asks potential contributors to
    "Please note: Bones 19 - submission window from January 15 to February 15 with publishing date March 15 2020 - will be I-less. No mention of I, me, my (or "clever" circumventions of this) etc. And please don't stage yourself as in using third person. Works containing I, me, my etc. will not be taken into consideration."

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    Bones is must read. And it is always humbling too have anything included. Can't wait to sit down to read it over the weekend.


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      Slowly making my way through Bones 18. So much to savor.


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        thanks for the shout-out. I had a really great time receiving so much good writing from poets I already knew and poets that were new to me. Issue by issue I learn - and learn again - that an editor really isn't anything without poets sending in their "darlings". Truly an exercise in humility. I can only be grateful. Thanks! I don't know if this means anything: but around two thirds of the people who sent me poems are represented in this issue.


        • Lisa Espenmiller
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          I agree, Rich. The first time I encountered Bones my mind spun. I sort of freaked out - like, "what is this? Can I take my own writing into a place like I'm finding here? Do I want to?" I've been published twice in Bones, both times I was amazed and humbled to be included, and happy to know that pushing myself into new haiku directions was beginning to find some traction. I still like and enjoy traditional haiku, and I also like encountering ku that goes into new places.

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        Bones is great and like Michael said, it’s humbling to have your own poems included. When I first found Bones, my idea of haiku completely changed for the better. Keep up the great work especially now that Otata won’t be around.


        • jshb
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          with the help of the poets who send me their work I intend to. Thanks, Rich. The idea I had with Bones when I first started out with the help of "senior" (as in: they had written haiku a lot longer than I had) writers was to try to push the form and see what happens. I'm glad it was helpful for you to get in touch with that kind of writing.

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        ERRATA: two minor, but essential, edits of LeRoy Gorman's poems in Bones 18. So to get a fresh and close-to-fault-free copy go to the site.