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  • otata

    "At the end of this month, otata will publish ebooks from David Miller and Romano Zeraschi. Suffering from an onset of heartbreak, otata will be unable to issue her 48th number. She extends her regrets to all who have contributed over the past four years. The email account will go on hiatus as well. In the spirit of Santoka's last verse, please check the website in the future, in the (perhaps unlikely) event of a return." — JM

    John has been very supportive of my work since I first submitted work to him in February 2016. On whatever paths your life journey now leads you, John, you have whatever support I can offer you. Thank you for allowing us to come to know otata.

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    I submitted and was hoping to be in the final issue but that’s ok. Maybe we’ll get some more poetry from John now that he has some free time. Sad day for sure. One of my favorite journals!


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      Heavy heart, John has been a huge support to my writing and Otata was always a journal to look forward to.

      “Otata will come again
      one day
      late fall in the mountains”

      ghost cave i brush aside the dharma of a lobster god


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        Sad to see it go, but very happy to have had it. The quality of poetry John assembled EVERY MONTH was nothing less than astounding. It was very high on my list of favourite journals.


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          Really sad to see Otata fading into mist, John has been very supportive and I wish him well.


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            When I received John's email about his sudden onset of heartbreak, my heart hurt. I hope he is ok and will recover fully. He has been a supporter of my work for some time now and I was always delighted to receive an acceptance email from him. I will not only miss having Otata as a place for my poetry, but I will miss reading and discovering the stellar poetry he published every month - not an easy feat. Wishing the very best to John.


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              Wishing the very best to John Martone! He has been a huge support to my work. Otata was/is one of my favorite journals.