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between breaths five owls

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  • between breaths five owls

    A book of parallels as linked verse / sequence written during this trying time of the pandemic by Michael and jshb published as a Bones digital book.

    Thank you, Johannes & Michael! Parallels are eminently ideal for both poet collaboration and as sequences. So excellent to see the coming together of all three in such a fine collection by two masters of the form.

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    This work really is a community effort. Our little enclave of literature has been a great resource of solace and strength in these trying times for me. Whether we are working directly together or just dropping comments or a like or retweet it has all been a great help. Thank you so much for sharing this Hansha, your kind comments and continued support is greatly appreciated .


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      thanks for the kind words, Hansha! As well as discovering just how well the parallel structure works as a basis for linked verse it was great fun working with this and wonderfully effortless!


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        The work ethic between you two is way impressive! Nice job!


        • jshb
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          the key here - when it comes to how I experienced it - is that it was effortless. It just happened w/o much "resistance" from the material. A stream that came naturally, so to speak.