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Haiku Gallery Guidelines: Sequence and Linked Verse

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  • Haiku Gallery Guidelines: Sequence and Linked Verse

    ⁂ This section is for sharing renku, rengay, renga, rensaku/haiku sequence etc.

    ⁂ To join the Neverending Chain, simply respond to the previous ku, in alternating verses of 3 and 2 lines. Use the principles of link and shift that underlie renga aesthetics, but otherwise this is a loose, freestyle renga meant to encourage play and call and response. Repeat the previous verse before your own and present them as a pair. One post in this thread per user per day.

    ⁂ Feel free to start a new topic for individual sequences, or you are welcome to start a topic that is dedicated to showcasing your own work, "username's personal sequence thread," or something similar.

    ⁂ We suggest published work and or polished work for this section. Show your best! In turn, commentary should respect that poets posting in this section are comfortable with their final version; this is not the place for heavy criticism or work-shopping.

    ⁂ We allow our authors to decide the label for what they present as haiku/tanka sequence and linked verse. We are less concerned with labels and more with the quality of the poetry. If you are not sure if your poetry qualifies as a renku etc. please spend some time with our tutorials and FAQs Beside the Old Pond.
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