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  • 6'er

    The past year or so it has seemed natural for me to write 6 verse sequences. They seem to have just the right size for the train of thought I have atm. A book of such was published earlier this year at Otata ( Here's another one dated 28.04 2019

    a wave of moths breaking sand down to blisters

    the swelling of your eye negates a spoon on the table at 3 o'clock

    rust surfaces where you left the word 'shoulder'

    promise you'll hover with me outside The Cave of Hammers, Elijah

    while the rain falls I trim the nails on the hand of light

    in your armour of breast milk you watch a mustard field ascend to heaven


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    Great! I really enjoy monoku (both on their own and as a sequence). Warm regards, Jacob


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      thank you, Jacob