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Vegetable Days - 10 Q&As by Orrin and Ray

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  • Matsukaze
    thank you most humbly guys!

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  • Ray Caligiuri
    commented on 's reply
    Thanks, Hansha. Kenosis has the wonderful emotional undercurrents seen in all of your work. I got the alternating Q&A monoku idea from alitjellyfish, but rather than have one submit blind questions and the other blind answers, thought of this alternating technique. It is very stimulating for me.

  • Hansha Teki
    Very good, Orrin & Ray!

    I wrote a 2017 haibun titled Kenosis (published in Sonic Boom 8) that used a Q&A technique that I read in Joyce's Ulysses. Why did I never return to this approach for there is so much potential?

    Look also at this wonderful collaboration between Michelle Tennison & Christopher Herold.

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  • Ray Caligiuri
    commented on 's reply
    Yes they are - thanks, Clayton 😊

  • Clayton Beach
    Nice work guys these Q&A are fun.

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  • Ray Caligiuri
    started a topic Vegetable Days - 10 Q&As by Orrin and Ray

    Vegetable Days - 10 Q&As by Orrin and Ray

    Vegetable Days

    why are our births smooth, our deaths; often violent?
    veiled within a raised glass to all those self afflicted

    a distant sound will the night train still come?
    rhododendrons a haiku almanac on the table

    late dinner do you suppose life ever gets sweet?
    the knot on my watch unravels an apple peel

    does anyone ever think about the time before now?
    cool crispness of white magnolias this coffee scorched

    is humanity really moving forward? really progressing?
    a luddite posts my face on the book of days

    who watches the earth align the star sway?

    early winter beyond a lit cigarette laughing couple

    over jam and toast, what will i journal about?
    a pensive look as orange juice floods the cereal

    a morning walk remember the trail of tears?

    fragrant naval oranges books gather dust

    what can we do under a ink-dark blue sky?
    indigo shades to grey waves gently break my back

    you wake up the fatted calf newly born?

    purchased dahlias a bag of fresh baguettes

    Orrin Tyrell
    Ray Caligiuri