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  • Norna's Moths

    (Norna - a play on "norne", the weaver(s) of fate-threads in Norse mythology)

    Norna’s Moths

    in her pain-hut
    Norna ties hope-berries
    to a moth

    someone covered
    the path with mirrors
    refusing you

    on borrowed feet
    light sneaks into a swan
    in a bottle in a lake

    at dusk a mud-ladder
    for your ambitions
    to climb

    we’ll hide in the white room
    as fruit flies, she says
    to her mango self

    by the end of this Yuga
    Norna takes off in her flying cup
    drawn by moths

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    Strangely comforting, Johannes. This work has an almost musical rhythm.


    • jshb
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      thanks, Ray. And fun to write too :-)

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    These fairy tale sequences are simply delightful. Fantastic work!
    ghost cave i brush aside the dharma of a lobster god


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      thanks a million, Clayton