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off the page (a nijuin by Clayton Beach, Hansha Teki, & Johnny Baranski)

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  • off the page (a nijuin by Clayton Beach, Hansha Teki, & Johnny Baranski)

    clear water rises
    on the other side of shadow
    the reflection

    cows idle home for milking
    under herringbone clouds

    about to burst
    with bells and whistles
    plum blossoms

    the wind slowly strips
    paint from the fence

    on her phone
    the tweenie moons over
    a boy band

    beyond a reasonable doubt
    his paramour's ring tone

    articles of a faith
    overrun with brambles
    chapel swallows

    flies swarm across my timeline
    in the heat of the moment

    on the gridiron
    a streaker
    trips and falls

    honkytonk sunset
    the drifter sips his rye

    russet tones
    gather at the edges
    of ripeness

    hooked on opioids
    fish pond moon

    the tide's withdrawal
    a lifeless reef

    a dot hangs about
    without an i

    watch your Ps and Qs
    on that first date

    a single drop of blood
    adorns the cactus spine

    beauty sleeps
    deep under the mud
    ashen rose

    departing geese
    muddy streaks across the sky

    a trail of ants
    Coltrane's solo flies
    off the page

    apple blossoms fall upon
    a serpentine advent

    Clayton Beach, Hansha Teki, & Johnny Baranski

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    oh wow! this must have been some of johnny's last work?


    • Hansha Teki
      Hansha Teki commented
      Editing a comment
      yes it was completed on December 21, 2017

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    Thanks for posting this Hansha, Johnny is sorely missed!
    ghost cave i brush aside the dharma of a lobster god