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    The tanka that I have written may be easily counted on the fingers of one hand so choosing the "best" from those few was not so difficult.

    I have not returned to the form after the brief fling at the end of 2013 so I will share the only one that I submitted for publication on an impulse to the premier edition of Cattails. It gained an Editor's Choice note by an'ya, then the tanka editor.

    step by step
    our paths merge together
    as water and wine . . .
    in these unplanned moments
    we sip eternity

    The parallel structure currently seems to be a better fit for my voice and thus I have now been parted from tanka for at least 5 years.

    Having said that, I did publish a volume of tanka by Michael Boiano with an introduction by English poet, James Kirkup, that I highly recommend to anyone who has an interest in the traditional tanka form.

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    Hello Hansha,

    I am pleasantly surprised that the blurb for Michael 's tanka volume is written by someone from Romania, Cluj-Napoca! I do not know Doina Popescu, but I am very much familiar with Cluj- Napoca as I was born in a little town nearby. ( Is she a tanka poet?)

    I myself have written very very few tanka, but lately I have caught myself thinking on starting on a tanka-journal.

    I am a big admirer of Shūji Terayama's tanka. I like his surreal style.



    • Clayton Beach
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      That would be neat, I miss American Tanka, don't know if you read it but the archive is a great repository of english language tanka, Laura Maffei did a great job with the selections. I like Skylark but it's hard to keep up with the subscriptions for a whole bunch of journals.

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    Thank you Clayton for guiding me toward American Tanka, indeed its archive is a great resource! (I have read some of your tanka, too . Great ones! )