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  • Agnes Eva Savich introduction

    Hello, I'm Agnes. I was born in Poland, emigrated to Chicago at age 7, and live in Austin, TX since 2004. I started writing poetry in my teens and haiku in my early 20s: my first haiku was published in 2003 in Frogpond. I was lucky enough to have some great guidance early on from WHCworkshop and haikutalk yahoo groups, where Bill Higginson regularly gave out feedback, even to newbies. (He once wrote me an epic long email off list on whether lean or leaning was the best verb in my haiku, which eventually wound up in Acorn.) I also managed to seek out guidance in early meetings with Charles Trumbull's Chicago haiku group and Robert Gilliland & Mark Brooks in Austin.

    I also used to be in a poetry forum called where I started and moderated The Tadpole Society, a group dedicated to studying & writing better haiku. Here in Austin, I recently judged the Austin Poetry Society's annual haiku contest and also was the guest speaker at their meeting last fall presenting about haiku. My next goal, hot off the inspiration at HNA Winston-Salem, is to start a local group. I have a pretty robust writing and submission habit to all the haiku journals and contests and have been somewhat regularly appearing in them since 2003, except for a few dry spells here and there. In my haiku practice lately, I've been exploring the play of language and experimenting with more abstract expression, while also honing my skills in classic haiku that try to touch the depth of humanity as rooted in the seasonal earth.

    I'm also a musician. I studied oboe with Ray Still (of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra) at Northwestern University and played with the Chicago Classical Symphony and Midwest Young Artists. I've also played flute since I was 10. As an adult I studied jazz flute at the David Bloom School of Jazz in Chicago, and also played amplified flute in the Noise Revival Orchestra Experience (orchestral indie rock) in Austin for 6 years. Currently, I play the oboe in a classical quartet - we like to perform house concerts to bring classical music back into the casual social setting, but we also will be playing at the Blanton Art Museum in November at Third Thursday, as a part of local composer Nathan Felix's immersive opera Medieval Monsters. I also play in the Austin Cinematic Symphony (and have played with Austin's Civic Orchestra, Chamber Music Center, & Central Texas Medical Orchestra). Finally, I'm teaching myself to play the electric bass to indulge my love of heavy metal.

    I'm interested in many things including astronomy, baking gourmet desserts, healthy cooking, yoga, the senses, supporting sustainability, bettering my fluency in my native Polish as well as French, making collage art & poetry, spirituality and consciousness expansion, immersion, immersive art, hiking, swimming, hot & cold springs and greenbelt walks, kinship with trees, travel, photography, literature, life!! And most likely several things I've forgotten to list.

    In regular life I work on the beautiful University of Texas at Austin campus in administration, and live in the near suburbs with my husband, daughter, son, three cats, and a dog.

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    Great introduction and welcome Eva! I’m a great fan of your work but I couldn’t find you on Google Plus back then. Time surely flies! Do enjoy your stay here.


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      Welcome Agnes!


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        Thank you for your introduction, agnes. I lot of what you spoke about struck chords in me not least of which is my maternal Polish ancestry. Your forum experience will be a real asset here and I really do look forward to your contributions. I have also been moved in the last few weeks to connect with any other haiku poets living in New Zealand as most of my peer support has been online from a widely international haiku community.


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          Thank you for the warm welcome!

          I was in New Zealand for my honeymoon back in 2003, traveled both islands over two weeks and it's one of my favorite places on earth I'd love to return to some day. There's a haibun about my journey through to Milford Sound that I need to workshop. It's the furthest I ever traveled from home and has a very special place in my heart.


          • Hansha Teki
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            Milford Sound and for that matter Fiordland is one of the most special areas of New Zealand. Ihave many photographs of the area but none match what I carry within me of the sense of place there. Miford Sound has been hit by a series od significantly felt earthquakes over the last week.

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          Welcome Agnes! I'm glad you found the forum. Discussing all and sundry at the HNA hospitality room of multiple dimensions was a lovely way to meet.

          There's a lot here in the sub-forums and various categories just waiting for membership creativity, especially in the areas of mixed media, collaborative performance, and remix. Our goals are expansive and we can handle/serve large music files - you can always message Hansha if you want to put up an album or series of larger files.

          If you are ever looking for collaborators for projects feel free to post requests in those areas, etc. And we're always looking for new ideas for the forum, so feel free to make requests by PM or post. Enjoy!


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            Fantastic, love to hear about all of your musical endeavors. Welcome to the sanctuary.
            ghost cave i brush aside the dharma of a lobster god


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              Hi Agnes, I’m certainly impressed by your bio as someone whose only musical talent is listening. I look forward to seeing some of your work.


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                Welcome, Agnes! All I can say is Wow! about your detailed bio and interests. I share some of the many interests you mentioned. You sound like an accomplished writer and musician. I look forward to reading your work here and to many exchanges.