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Willie R. Bongcaron (Introduction)

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  • Willie R. Bongcaron (Introduction)

    Greetings from the Pearl of the Orient Seas, the land of smiles and friendly people, the Philippines. I am Wilfredo Ropelos Bongcaron; Willie or Bongky to close friends and associates. I am a follower of haiku and other short Japanese poetry forms. I have assumed the Japanese pen name "Ao-Suzume" (meaning "the blue sparrow") compliments of Ms. Gabi Greve, who is also an avid practitioner of the discipline.

    I am a government employee; working with the light rail transit industry in Manila since 1985. I am a husband to a loving and caring wife (Tina), a father to three brilliant and accomplished children and a grandfather to three huggable grandchildren. My avatar contains the pix of my grandchildren (a fraternal twin named Callie and Calix, aged 3 years old).

    I have founded the Haiku Nook community at the G+ which has already been closed by Google; currently, I am the owner of the Haiku Nuggets and Haiku: Then & Now groups at Facebook.

    I have self-published two books "Missing You" and "Haiku Nuggets" at; and I have collaborated with fellow haiku practitioners in publishing "Yanty's Butterfly" or have been a contributor to some other previous literary works with Filipino poets and other friends. Some other collaborative projects are also well underway and would be published sometime in the future.

    English in not my mother tongue, Filipino is. And sometimes I may not be 100% fluent in English. To this, I beg your indulgence.

    I believe in the saying that goes: "be kind, for everyone is fighting his own battle."

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    Welcome Willie, I look forward to seeing your work here!
    ghost cave i brush aside the dharma of a lobster god


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      Welcome Willie R. Bongcaron

      It is good to see you here and what you will be bringing to share with us as days go by.


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        It's great to see you Willie! Congrats on your second haiku book! I'm pleased to see Haiku Nuggets published. -Jack


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          Hi Willie, it's good to see you here!
          My website is at


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            A warm welcome!


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              Thank you everyone (Clayton, Hansha, Jack, Pris and Richard) for the warm welcome. I hope i could really contribute positively to the group's activities. Best regards...


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                Welcome, Willie! Thank you for sharing your background -- fascinating to read. I really like your 'motto': "be kind, for everyone is fighting his own battle." Well said! I look forward to reading your work and exchanging ideas on writing.

                Best regards,


                • Willie R. Bongcaron
                  Willie R. Bongcaron commented
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                  And thank you for the warm welcome Theresa... so nice to be in the company of very able haiku practitioners.