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  • Experimental haiku

    What is experimental haiku , exactly? How does it differ from other forms of contemporary haiku?

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    Read Clayton’s sticky:


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      Thank you!


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        All haiku was experimental at one point.

        Haiku originated as a kind of counterculture, against the literary establishment. Basho brought the old back into haiku and subdued and refined the transgressive aspects, but there was even in his philosophy the urge to expand and enlarge the language and world of haiku even while evoking the past.

        So experimental haiku would be that which seeks new ground, tries to find a new way of looking at the genre. Not to erase the old, but to re-contextualize it.

        If you can find it, I recommend Haruo Shirane's Traces of Dreams, it really explores the way how even ~300 years ago haiku was constantly reinventing itself and recasting the poetry that came before it in a new light. A very elucidating exploration of Basho that moves beyond the mythos of the "traditional" haiku.
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          M.S.Chintak , I moved this discussion to general haiku discussion. Thank you for starting a conversation. I hope you will post a brief introduction, you can read some of the others in this section to get a feel for how they go.
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          • M.S.Chintak
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            Thank you, Clayton ! For the insight into Experimental Haiku. Love it.
            I could not follow you .What kind of intro should I give and where..? Please elaborate it.

          • Clayton Beach
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            We ask that people post an introduction in the intro section, mine is here.
            Yours can be short or long, just tell us about how you found haiku, what it means to you or what you hope to get out of the site, many any other things you're passionate about. It's mostly just a "getting to know you" thing, we are a close knit community and like to know a bit about people in order to know how best to help you and meet your needs as a poet.