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    I am a retired social science lecturer. I have not yet written any haiku but would like to. I have read a lot of Basho and other haiku writers over the years. Twenty five years ago I was ordained a zen monk, my ordained name being Gyotei Sei Gen ( constant practice, pure origination). I regret that I no longer practice. I will be 78 years old tomorrow. Best wishes to you all.

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    Hey, Mike. Welcome. My unsolicited advice regarding haiku - enjoy yourself. Lots of resources here, take your time and have fun.


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      Welcome! Great place to workshop haiku when you do write some.


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        Welcome Mike, it's great that you've found haiku and I hope you enjoy the sanctuary. Basho is a great place to start, and his poetry remains relevant and an inspiration to this day.

        There are many streams of haiku in English and we try to celebrate them all, you'll find some are more nature focused, others on Zen "moments," and others still on language play and disjunction. There are many places to share and get feedback on haiku here as well as tutorials. A basic rundown of the elements of haiku as many of us practice it can be found here, but I think you'll find that haiku in English is a broad and fascinating genre and has room for new voices, experimentation and growth. Have fun and enjoy your haiku journey.
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          Welcome to sanctuary, Mike. Many happy returns of the day for tomorrow!


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            Thanks very much, Hansha.


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              Welcome, Mike! I'm sure you'll find a lot of resources and inspiration here as you plunge into the world of haiku. Your background sounds conducive to the writing of haiku and other short-form poetry. I look forward to exchanging ideas with you on the various forums of this board. Enjoy your time here!



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                Thanks Theresa.