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Greetings from Kumamoto, Japan

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  • Greetings from Kumamoto, Japan

    Greetings, I have finally found a little time to begin to explore this wonderful entity called Haiku Sanctuary and am pleased to see, exploring the sub-forums, that there are sections for multimedia interaction. I m not a poet of the written word. Rather, I speak in sound.

    I have had the great fortune to work in an intimate, collaborative manner with one of the founders of this site, Richard Gilbert, for many years. I would like to introduce a piece of work titled Exosphere (on SoundCloud), that we conceived of, and created together, which is part of a much bigger, internationally collaborative audio project called Atmospheres (I'll post also in the Multimedia Collaborations section).

    Nice to be here.
    Published Music ~

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    Welcome Jeff!


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      Welcome Jeff, great to have you on the forum.
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