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  • Greetings from Humboldt County

    Delighted to be here and explore! I just posted a haibun, uh, somewhere on the site that I thought erroneously was my formal introduction but now see there's a separate space/place--this--to say hello. I'm a professional writer and editor of more than 40 years, specializing in health and healing. I've also been in love with the spiritual master Adi Da since the early seventies, and a formal devotee since 1989. I've been writing and publishing poetry all my life--a lot of writing; a little publishing--but in 2014, after the death of my wife from breast cancer, discovered the world of haibun and haiku online. In terms of Japanese forms in English, haibun was my main interest, as a means of mourning--of writing a "spousal loss memoir--but it quickly became clear that if I wanted to write a hardy haibun, I had to engage haiku, as a reader and learner. (I ordered Richard Gilbert's book today after reading about it here, and am excited to dive in.) And I've been engaging haiku for the past six years with consistent delight--what a wide and varied and lovely world of poetry and lyric prose to have discovered! As of 2020 I have had about 60 published haiku in various journals where I regularly and happily submit (along with about 70 published haibun, now collected in a manuscript called Late Wife, Live Wife)--and where I have become familiar with many of the names that crafted this unique sanctuary. I cherish this community of intimate strangers that write and publish haiku, haibun and tanka--it's consistently inspiring to complete the circle of creativity in personal publication, and a deep pleasure to read and enjoy and rest in and be surprised by the largesse of literature that others generate...and in this world, there is a lot of largesse! (I am ever-amazed how these "small" forms can be so capacious in impact and communication.) So, again: a pleasure to be here; many thanks to those who made and make it possible; and I look forward to...more ;-)
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    Pleasure to have you here, hope you enjoy the Sanctuary!
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      Thank you for sharing your story, Bill; very inspiring! Looking forward to reading your work. I'll head over to the haibun workshop...