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Greetings and a question about form

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  • Greetings and a question about form

    Greetings! My name is Heath and I have always loved the haiku form. In fact, on my personal blog, every entry since 2004 has also included a haiku summary. Now for me, that was always simply the 5-7-5 format though I know that if you delve into it, it's not that simple and traditionally included themes of nature and a "cutting word" and such, but for the purposes of this post, let's go with the common understanding of Haiku being 5-7-5.

    Here's something I've always wondered. For me, personally, each line needs to be its own complete thought. Like:

    Each line, its own thought
    Like a tree, can stand alone
    Three separate thoughts

    I see many people construct haiku like this:

    They just split up lines
    In the middle to make them
    Fit the syllables

    I've always wondered, is that inherently or officially "wrong" to the form or simply a personal preference of mine? To me that just doesn't seem to honor the form but I don't know if that's just my own judgment or if there is any actual rule or constraint that its breaking. Thanks!

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    Greetings Heath, things have been a bit slow of late but I think we will be getting posting up soon once we rally the troops. The pandemic has been rough and I know I've had less time for writing myself, but I am hoping we can get back to get a sense of community! Looking forward to seeing your work.
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      Greetings Nos402 (Heath). What is the URL of your personal blog?

      That which is popularly labelled as "haiku" is most often identified as such by the "accidence" of its presentation and less often by the "essence" of its being. The former leads to expectations which, in turn, become rules, while the latter leads to wonder which, in turn, transforms into a place of creative (and thus somewhat anarchic) sanctuary.

      I find myself reluctant to be drawn into any discussions on wrong or right on matters of accidence that are incidental to what is written in water.