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Creative Blooms 13: Haiku and the Third Table

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  • Creative Blooms 13: Haiku and the Third Table

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    "I would like to take as an object the entire object of haiku, considering haiku as a genre — not a collection of objects but an indeterminate, withheld object that no matter how many times it is examined in all of the sensual properties and perspectives of all the poems arising as forms of haiku, the object “haiku” — sensed as an essential aesthetic — is an object that cannot be defined by any declarative statement, such as in the form of “My mother liked drinking hard cider.”

    Graham Harman, in proposing Object-Oriented Ontology (2018) suggests there is a “third table.” Two of the tables we are familiar with these days. The “two tables” refers to the conundrum suggested by Sir Arthur Eddington. . . .”

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